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ARRIVE Memphis, Memphis, TN

Graceland meets Brooklyn at this loved-by-locals hotel that treats you like family, and makes it easy stick around. With the best of the city inside, it’s the hip epicenter of a revitalized downtown.


The fourth offering from America’s coolest indie hotel group is a good-sized warehouse renovation, well situated on South Main. Rooms are comfortable, roomy, and hip as all hey, with densely-patterned walls and thoughtful details throughout. But it’s the on-premise options that really seal the deal. There’s Hustle & Dough, where local star Ali Rohrbacher bakes breads to die for—avocado toast never tasted so good. There’s Vice and Virtue, a small-batch, coffee roaster curating the most interesting, ethical, and flavorful coffees in town. There’s Longshot, a shuffleboard bar, serving local brews with perfectly paired snacks from chili con queso to Frito pie: you'll want to hang out here, watching a Tigers game or pushing a puck. Late night, there’s Hustle, the hotel’s sleek cocktail bar. There’s even a private poker room, for your bachelor bash.


This city of rich culture, musical combustion, and local faces, this birthplace of the blues and BBQ will hold you in its sweet embrace from the Mississippi down to Beale Street. Let’s start with music. Step right out of the hotel, and The Blues Hall of Fame is just one minute down South Main Street. Johnny Cash frequented this neighborhood. Scenes from the film “Walk the Line” were shot at Arcade Restaurant, Memphis’ oldest café, a block from the hotel.

Really, anywhere you go, you’ll find live music. B-Side on Madison Avenue is a small venue that brings in big local and regional acts. Wild Bill’s on Vollintine is a hole-in-the-wall juke-joint that rewards patrons with authentic Memphis sounds, from Elvis to Aretha. When it’s time to eat, it's time to eat Memphis BBQ. Payne’s is arguably the best in town. They cook over charcoal and their mustard-y slaw and tangy sauce gives their sandwiches a pop.

The Fine Print

* Expires: 12/31/2022
* For use with new bookings only
* Bookings with credits must be made directly with the hotel
* Must book two nights minimum. Can be applied towards best available rate
* Credits apply to reservation total, including tax and on-property spend
* Non-refundable but transferable to anyone
* Full balance of credit must be used when redeemed
* Blackouts apply for the following dates: April 30-May 29, 2021 (Memphis in May & BBQ Festival)

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