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Travel with Impact

We believe in the healing power of travel. In an unpredictable world, we help generate near-term cash flow for independent businesses and local economies, creating demand and opportunity.

Porter & Sail offers accessible travel with a positive impact, an investment in the world’s communities and ecosystems. Hotel Credits is the flexible booking you love, and the sustainable spending you can feel good about.

Support Local. Explore the World. 

We are proud partners of Saira Hospitality, a global nonprofit transforming the way hotels engage with local communities through education. 

Saira Hospitality partners with luxury hotels to build pop-up schools providing local communities with the training and resources they need to build careers in hospitality. By disrupting an ancient model of hiring, educating and engaging local talent, Saira is creating a more sustainable future for hospitality.

Porter & Sail travelers now have the opportunity to donate to Saira’s mission with every Hotel Credits purchase. Donations will directly fund course materials for Saira students worldwide, from Namibia to Tulum to Los Angeles, helping to educate local communities and creating a positive and sustainable impact.