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Habitas, Tulum

Coexist with nature in one of Habitas’ 32 secluded luxury glamping bungalows. Replenish your body and soul with locally-inspired wellness programs based in ancient healing at this environmentally conscious resort.


A Porter & Sail favorite, Habitas Tulum is a sustainable oasis tucked beautifully between the jungle and the Caribbean Sea. Its bungalows are made with natural palapa roofs, canvas walls, and 500+ square feet of private space- the perfect environment for relaxation and reflection.

Designed to coexist with nature, the Ocean Front, Pool, and Jungle rooms are built with materials that leave no impact on the environment. Oceanfront rooms have unparalleled views of the turquoise sea, while those in the jungle blend seamlessly into the ancient Yucatan palms. Glamping has never felt so good.

Central to the communal nature of the home is the jungle and the three-story lounge. They serve as centerpieces, where unique programming, gatherings, dining, and musical journeys take place. At the base level is Moro, the ground-floor restaurant helmed by Chef Horacio.


Holistic, enchanted, and raw, Tulum is an ancient oasis. Chic modern luxury meets primordial tradition in this buzzy beach town. Self-care and eco-conscious experiences take the center stage here with spas implementing traditional Mayan techniques and restaurants amplifying local, seasonal ingredients. Places like Arca, a flame-to-table restaurant, and Cenzontle, a modern take on traditional Mexican cuisine, focus on honoring Tulum’s heritage and elevate the city’s restaurant scene. Central to the region’s intrigue is the nearby Mayan ruins, including the jungle city of Coba and the beach-side ruins of Tulum. Take a step back through time and explore the mystique of the Maya through ruin tours or plunging into a time-worn natural swimming pool, el cenote.

Travel with Impact

Habitas doubles down on the impact of their resorts with social and environmental programs. Habitas Rise, an affiliated organization supports culture, art, self-expression and community infrastructure across the globe while the Tulum resort has sustainable, eco-friendly, and local infrastructure. Starting in 2018, the resort moved to be free of plastic waste and has implemented a zero-plastic policy.

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