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Porter & Sail Credits

With credits, you can bank savings today and book any hotel in our collection when you're ready to travel. Let credits feed your wanderlust without commitment for you or anyone who loves the gift getting away. Credits function like a gift card and they never expire so you can revel again in the joy of travel.


Flexible, transferable and redeemable at any hotel in our hand-picked collection, Anywhere Credits by Porter & Sail is now here to satisfy your pent-up travel cravings, even if you don’t know where that first trip will take you. With new hotels added every week and no expiration date, Anywhere Credits is changing the way we travel. You no longer have to commit to dates or make travel decisions now for trips you want to take next year. Just bank the deal and book later.


From a private sanctuary on the white sand beaches of Tulum and a gorgeous safari camp in Namibia to a holistic micro-retreat in San Diego and luxury cabins in the Catskills, Porter & Sail’s collection of independent hotels has something for every traveler. Whether you want to get away next weekend to a short-haul spot or you’re ready for a socially distanced stay in your own private villa, we’ve got you. Decide now or decide next year, it’s all up to you.

Travel with Impact

Porter & Sail acknowledges the privilege of travel and the role travel has played in our current environment, from the pandemic to climate change. We are committed to reshaping what travel looks like for the future, building a travel brand that is flexible, accessible and indulgent but also responsible, aware and socially conscious.

In an unpredictable world, we help generate near-term cash flow for independent businesses and their local economies, creating demand and opportunity. We are proud partners of Saira Hospitality, a global nonprofit building pop-up schools helping local communities build careers in hospitality. Porter & Sail travelers can donate to Saira’s mission with every purchase. Donations will directly fund course materials for Saira Hospitality students, creating a positive and sustainable impact.

The Fine Print

* Credits are applicable to any hotel in the Porter & Sail collection, in accordance with their terms and conditions.