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The Drayton Hotel, Savannah, GA

The Drayton Hotel is a modern luxury Savannah experience, perfectly suited for aesthetes and the culture-savvy, set inside one of the riverside’s oldest buildings. The whimsical and welcoming recent renovation captures the neighborhood’s storied past and its groovy Southern present. The stand-alone tub in the monochrome bathroom is worth a stay alone.  


Owner Raghav Sapra, working in collaboration with NYC design firm Nemaworkshop, took the historic 1890 American Building, long at the center of Savannah commerce and culture, and revived the building’s traditional Victorian exterior and architecture, while reimagining the interiors in both colorful and thoughtful ways. Bright blue sofas and light-toned wood pop in the lobby. Public corridors are tiled in striking turquoise. Lime-green wicker chairs and striped sofas lend a retro classiness to sundowners on the rooftop—where the drinks come with unobstructed panoramic views of City Hall and the Savannah River. After dark, enjoy oysters with a Georgia drawl at seafood brasserie Saint Neo, and later cocktails in the dimly-lit, intimately-lit, downstairs lounge.


It’s past Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. That slow-moving, backwater Savannah still exists, populated by quirky characters with a penchant for preservation, pistols and while linen suits (indeed, the historic Mercer-Williams home on Monterey Square leaps straight from the book’s infamous pages, along with those who tarry there). But a new creative class fueled by thousands of art and design students (many who’ve stayed) has fostered an innovative local spirit that is more moxie than dixie. Indie, jazz, world music, book, film, food, and wine, festivals all thrive here. Fashion boutiques, bars, concept restaurants are blooming, making the city a must-visit.

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